Tuesday, 16 February 2010

these are some prototype images for my quaker oats projects, in colour halftone. i think they'd look better actually screen printed in cmyk.. so that's my next challenge i reckon.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

OOLLLDDDD sketchbook. but i like looking back at old stuff, seeing how i really should have just got over stuff and also how incredibly shit i was.

some pin up ladies for a new brief. trying to make accessible to women these days, so they're not so damn tarty...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

i made these cushion for my lovers Christmas presents. the material was ace, and i call them the moustache men. im making some more. they look amazing in a deep frame. ill take a picture soon and add it on.

Monday, 8 February 2010

if im not drawing in the studio then i am most definitely in the print room. i love cranes. i really like how they stand all around london in different colours and sizes, theyre pretties. these images however, show cranes in the light that i feel most people see them as eyesores and a bit gloomy.

ive been thinking loads about how i was brought up believing in god and how religion is so odd nowadays... like this got this whole black cloud over it... its a cult? its conformist? i dont get it? i dont know... but i drew some religios stuff for a project i was working on.

i made matchboxes with screen printed cupcakes on them. much better images coming soon, this is just for now to put them up, as am in need of putting my work up. this is just the images and the box outline, they are actually matchboxes now with matches..... photos coming soon
nothing says i love you like pealla or seafood linguine.... im feeling all lovey and smitten.
im trying to be original with my valentines day cards.... but i think i may just invest in some grey bear cards from clintons... they're probably cool now.
i am currently being a girl and worrying about stuff that is so incredibly dull and superficial.... but i guess ill just wait till next weekend till i indulge...

i really want to eat wagamamas. where is emma? she would eat one with me? EMMMAA......
i had a hamster once, when i was younger... it got squashed in a door. if i was to have one now, i wouldn't mind it looking like this one. or have the same approach to loving as this one.

i love watching life by david attenborough. i will watch it on repeat. and i got inspired. so here are my inspired drawings.

i saw this kind of swim suit in an old film i was watching with ym dad. i want him to have one and every other man over 40 in the world to own one. they're amazing. i hate drawing hands and feet. its a pet hate.

for christmas i made my brother a poster with buddy holly and freddie mercury just to be ultra cliche. he seemed to like it. i reckon i should start working with some colour soon. everything is so monotone.

I really miss wendy. crudding leeds.

i sometimes feel in need of a hand.
FIRST POST... fucking finally
we were asked to design a poster/ flyer thing for our second year exhibition and this is what i made. i initially wanted to screen print it, but then i thought otherwise as right now i have loads of work.