Friday, 7 May 2010


AND THE FINAL IMAGE of the five. yar!

RIBBED magazine

I did some work with my boyfriend, for online magazine RIBBED. the brief was pretty broad, one ahd to draw in black the other in red, and create a combined image that was basically to do with sex. here's mine and sebs!....

self defined

yes! i took pictures of my finals, they're a bit blotchy but i reckon they communicate exactly what they're suppose to. I didn't want to make it all pretty and perfect on photo shop because they have a better aesthetic this way. more rough, and seeing as I purposefully drew them in pencil.. changing them on photo shop would be pointless.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

self defined screw up.

OH DEAR, i found these images I did form right at the beginning of easter and they are hilariuos tacky. splodges of ink and cruddy drawings. they're suppose to have some sort of natural look to them. like water or somehting, becauseeee nature is suppose to chill you out and therefore motivate you. so check these images out! ha!


more self defined yo!

some more initial ideas/images yo! enjoy them as you will.

more self defined

here are some of my final IDEAS. basically taking a humourous twist on what you are told to do in order to motivate or keep yourself motivated. For example taking a break... a fat guy slobbing out is negative take on the 'positive' message. and focus on something new... an old man/woman figuring out something on the PS2... something negative on a positive message... seems a bit jumbled. but honest it does make sense.

These are my drooorings of the main dudes who give speeches on motivation. Theyre actually super interesting and have some decent ideas about motivating yourself. check them out on you tube. Also, whilst wathcing them for 'research' it was some seriuos self therapy going down. feeling better already..... well, when i say better... I'm definitely getting some motivation in the form of ideas etc.

more self defined

these images are form my first sketchbook. again, just simple quick line drawings to help provoke some ideas...... here it goes.


I started a brand new project a while back, and have been useless at getting my work on my blog because... well, though scanners have been my biggest problem. so i finally dedicated a WHOLE day to sorting this out. unfortunately my PREMIER sketchbook is inside my locked studio... typical. So im uploading some images from my deuxieme sketchbook. its nothing to with french though. its all to do with motivation. Its taking a humourous twist on motivational techniques that you can find... i found a lot of them from youtube clips, or the internet on self motivation sites, which are HILARIOUS. it's self therapy at the same time as i lost all motivation last term. well babble babble babble over lets show some images... here are some roughs from mein sketchbooken.

These images are just initial ideas.. so ill try my best to tlak though them. communication.. pah!

Monday, 3 May 2010