Tuesday, 12 October 2010

egg timer phone. how long does it take to phone someone and/or leave a message and get to the point that you meant to say.

initial sketches. telephones.

love you.

these are more images for my new brief, how the advancements of communication have affected our affection between ourselves. these are some images i did today about how people feel about letter writing in a negative way. 'it takes forever, it might as well be air mail'. 'it's kind of labour intensive'. 'i think stamps should ahve the post men on it, they do all the walking'. all quotes from family and friends, i have asked about letter writing.

old stuff.

THIS is from an exhibition i did at the beginning of the summer. more to come for sure.

Monday, 11 October 2010

my mum talked about how she used to write letters all the time and how she learnt excatly how to fromat a letter, and so i looked at letter formats. and the patterns form writign and texting people.

a couple of weeks back i went to spitalfields antique market and picked up these babies. lovely old postcards with messages form someone i proabbly will never meet. helps with my project too, seeing what people wrote in postcards when they were very popular.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

this is all experimenting, not exactly the nicest thing to look at.

these are super light. im sorry. i used the lightest pencil ever and i dint want to ruin them with pen. the top one is the letterbox with a door, representing the process of posting a letter and receiving it. the bottom is a grandfather clock with phone, represeting the time it takes for someone to pick up their phone, if their not at home or unable to pick up.

more more more.
I've been looking at how time of the process of communication can alter the effect of the intended affection. these are initial sketches. also looked at how we type love on our keyboards and phones and how they spelt out type using morse code.

Monday, 4 October 2010

post secret

i got given a book called post secret, this was all about peoples secrets they'd put anonymously on a post card. i took a couple from the website and changed them into how i felt about my loves ones. one about my parents and one about my boyfriend. they're really quick sketches but it's just a visual of what those images could communicate.


this is just an image of the letters of the typewriter. i thought they were pretty. The type however though may lose the affection intended when writing a letter as handwriting can show more meaning because it's personal to them.

morse code

people used the telegraph and morse code to communicate with people quickly within a day or a few hours. I wonder whether this way people if people lost a bit of affection that was intended because of the lack of handwriting and the time it took to receive the message. i created some images for this, not of the affection but simply of the coding, and the machine.

NEW BRIEF: What form of communication communicates affection and love the best way.

so this is a fake brief i gave myself to help me realise exactly what i wanted to do. indeed i have figured out, that I want to find the form of communication communicates affection the best way for a person.