Wednesday, 26 January 2011


and the rest of it...

make a book in four hours, not using pens or penicils.

i made mine about my favourite holiday, a bit childish.. but to be fair i couldn't think of anything else that interesting...

Monday, 24 January 2011


another little image, reminding me to stay away from the nautical cliched images and also a cupcake that my beautiful flat mate rosalie bought me, it was delicious, but i squished it in my bag.. whoops..

secod major project

FIRSTLY before the books, i want to spend the first six weeks of my time on the YCN project for thames clipper, making a campaign to raise awareness of their boats for commuters and tourists! theyre a good company with a pretty cool brief. here are my firs doodles....

Friday, 21 January 2011


just more ideas, i think im going to video tape some of my friends explaining their worst memories of fmaily life and then their best, why they loved and hated each time. so it wont just be about my fmaily, so everyone can relate to the books.... heres some more ideas about my dad.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


AS i was looking for books for one chapter of my dissertation i cam across this ace magazine called camera, i looked at the 1970's sectionand it was super cool. really strong grpahics and really good paper, LOVE YOU 'CAMERA'.
also, the books ive read for the thirs dchapter of my dissertation only two more to go and then conclude! bring on 8000 words! nearly at 6000....

i couldnt sleep

last night so i decided to do a few ideas for my books. im going to do two books, for better and for worse about all the things that break a family up and bring them together. this is for the worse book...

Monday, 17 January 2011

and some more....


felt super sick today, so decided not to go into uni and do dissertation but instead do more on my project, here's some sketchbook pages about the worst parts of my life with my fmaily. dont worry better parts are to come soon after....


my new project is going to be about the worst years of my family's life. just my intermediate family, and us a whole. focusing on what i think was the worst parts of it and why. this could be a kind of therapy for me and also i'm doing my dissertation on family portraiture and the truth of it. my family are amazing now and we get on incredibly well, like gilmore girls well, but it used to be rough, like everyones is/was. so im going to try and document it somehow. and find a brief within it.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

FAMILY IS BEST. going to do my project about fmaily. not neccessarily mine, but something orientated around being safe or not and traditional family vs the unconventional etc. heres some quickies... ive had work at spitalfields all day so i got home about an hour ago and whipped these out just to say i did a bit of work.


Friday, 14 January 2011

the idea is...

that i just draw all the stuff i love and like down, and everything that i remeber from that lat three years of my life, then kind of slowly sort it out. i want to do loads of things, like english tradition vs modern english... like tea and sconves vs playstations and ipods.. a bit lame? maybe, we will see what i figure out. heres an image of something i quickly did today to jot ideas out.. TA X

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


my bed time buddies
my desk. at its tidiest........
old photos of the people i love.
my sisters b-day present from me last year, was well proud
grams is above
beautiful sister LC and the best dog ever KIZZZZYYYY
SO as it is now thinking time for my FINAL MAJOR PROJECT, i decided to have a root through some old things, sort out my life, get to grips with 2011 and make my blog more about me and not just my work. maybe i'm making up for the fact i left face book about 4 months ago, but i guess i just miss having something to check up on. so my blog is now that.

so to make it more about me and obviously my work. i thought id upload some images of the things that are going to get my through my final year at uni, and also it is a GREAT way to procrastinate over my dissertation.

now i'm off out for some lunch avec Seb Chaloner. i think i would like some soup.


Monday, 10 January 2011


this is just extra stuff that i was getting together because i had to kind of re do my summe rproject as it was raaabish! i managed to get this much done in time, so yeah, check it OUT!

extra images

screen printed grpahs