Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I started a brand new project a while back, and have been useless at getting my work on my blog because... well, though scanners have been my biggest problem. so i finally dedicated a WHOLE day to sorting this out. unfortunately my PREMIER sketchbook is inside my locked studio... typical. So im uploading some images from my deuxieme sketchbook. its nothing to with french though. its all to do with motivation. Its taking a humourous twist on motivational techniques that you can find... i found a lot of them from youtube clips, or the internet on self motivation sites, which are HILARIOUS. it's self therapy at the same time as i lost all motivation last term. well babble babble babble over lets show some images... here are some roughs from mein sketchbooken.

These images are just initial ideas.. so ill try my best to tlak though them. communication.. pah!

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