Tuesday, 16 November 2010

okay, so to clarfy, exactly what i have finally decided to do and create. i am basically, in short terms, trying to create four images that represent how each form of commuincation communicates affection. do we lose affection because of the swfitess commuicationcating someone has not now become. Has to improvement of communication actually hindered the way we express our loving feelings to each other. So with each for of communication I will create and image, (so for the phonecall, the letter, the text and the e mail) that exaplins, graphically and very abstractly, exactly which one has more affection that the other and the langth of time it takes it recieve the given communication as i have found a direct correlation of the forms of communication you wait longer for actually increase the affection you feel when recieving it.
And so, my images do all make some kind of sense. phew. i have managed to create four different patterns that will represent the affection in each image, as the brighter the red the more affection. all the paaterns are created out of the formation we create when writing, text, emailing, or calling the word love. take a look....

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