Wednesday, 12 January 2011


my bed time buddies
my desk. at its tidiest........
old photos of the people i love.
my sisters b-day present from me last year, was well proud
grams is above
beautiful sister LC and the best dog ever KIZZZZYYYY
SO as it is now thinking time for my FINAL MAJOR PROJECT, i decided to have a root through some old things, sort out my life, get to grips with 2011 and make my blog more about me and not just my work. maybe i'm making up for the fact i left face book about 4 months ago, but i guess i just miss having something to check up on. so my blog is now that.

so to make it more about me and obviously my work. i thought id upload some images of the things that are going to get my through my final year at uni, and also it is a GREAT way to procrastinate over my dissertation.

now i'm off out for some lunch avec Seb Chaloner. i think i would like some soup.


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