Monday, 14 February 2011

valentines day!

i ended up getting loads of sweets and a bunch of my favourite flowers, gerberas! amazing!

the cupcakes below are for my boyfriend, seb chaloner, he loves drawing little turds in his work so i decided to make him valentines turd cupcakes... apparently they're super good!

and i havent posted in ages, so i just thought id show you what ive been up to this weekend. ive been super poorly and havent been able to move much but what i got done was pretty cool. made cupcakes, did some drawing and drank my body weight in water at least six times a day.... happy valentines!!


  1. NERDS. Omg. I got some too. We're cool.

  2. These look so wrong but yummy at the same time! Who knew that you could make turds look so appealing? Thank you for the blog love! You won't believe who I saw today in Soho, remember how you were telling me at the SU that you'd love to see Alexa Chung? Well we saw her today! Just sitting in a cafe, looking cooler than school. Even prettier in real life xxx